Code of Draco

Code of Draco are necessary for the expansion of most buildings beyond level 10, and to rank up.

Usage[edit | edit source]

You need to use it in order for your Rectorate to reach levels above 10. Nothing needs to be done to use the item to increase the Rectorate level, once you have the met all the pre-requisites to upgrade the Rectorate the upgrade button will become active, allowing you to begin construction, providing you have an available construction worker that is not currently occupied on another task.

It is also needed in order to gain promotions in the Middle Phase of ranks ranging from 5th Legion Chief to Marshal.

How to get one[edit | edit source]

  • Available from Item Mall for 100 Gold.
  • Also can be obtained through a barter quest for 3 Vitruvius Plot.
  • You can also obtain one from doing battle with any battle formation within the Axis of Independent beginning with Front Cohort and Above. You must first obtain at least the rank of Quaestor in order to participate in the arena. Each arena consumes 1 Pacification Aglet and 40 physical from your hero.
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