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Equites is cavalry unit trainadable from Stables. Equites is lightly armoured unit thats supposed to sweep every non spear infantry

New Equites

In game description Edit

Highly mobilized horseman transferable to the proximal division I, II or III In the front to launch close combat. Especially lethal to Sagittarii and Principes with 120% damage boost. Cannot attack wall.

History Edit

Spear-armed cavalry who have a screening role in a Roman army. Disciplined and fierced, they're recruited from the strongest tribes along the Roman borders, where those of non-Italian descents congregate. They can charge enemies to win. Roman cavalry only came into existence after the army reforms of Gaius Marius as a replacement force for the equites. The property qualifications for fighting as cavalry in the army were abandoned.

Cost Edit

Crops Crops 1500

Lumber Lumber

Sesterces Sesterces 500
Stone Stone -
Iron Iron 750
Population Population 3
Time Training time Forever
Prestige Prestige 11

You also need lvl 3 Equitation and lvl 5 Stable in order to train Equites

Charachteristics Edit

Hit points HP 250
Crops Crops intake 18

Offence Offence

Tempo Tempo 900
Defence Defence 16
Load Load 100
Atack Damage 20~25

PopulationSoldier Population


Techiques Edit

Ambush assault

Ambush Assault: With Equitation Lv 7, Equites get Ambush Assault, which power becomes effectual instantly. It adds collateral damage to the rear division with magnitude that's half of of what is received by the division in front. This only occurs when Equites attack a forefront division (not diagonal). However a rear division suffers no collateral damage from Ambush Assault if Hastati is the forefront division. Flank assault doesn't invoke Ambush Assault.

Annihilation Sweep

Annihilation Sweep: Annihilation Sweep comes in handy at the end of a forefront attack. After destroying the forefront enemy division, without having to wait for another round, Annihilation Sweep enables Equites to attack the remaining divisions of the enemy hero. The all out attack towards the rest of the divisions is done without deduction in damage to the individual division.

Flank Expediance

Flank Expediance: When the front line enemy division standing in front of the Equites is empty or fallen, Equites' Flank Assail boosts the damage by 50% with Flank Expedience.

Advice on use Edit

Equites is best unit to take enemy infantry down in 1 turn and they're also fastest units in game (except Spectaculore). Unfortunatelly, Equites cant attack against wall and their use is limited against Hastatus which have a 180% damage boost agaist them.

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