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Hastatus is most basic and cheapest unit in Caesary, trainable from Barracks. It is great use when masses and against Equites.

Hastatus fights on front division.

In game description Edit

Lighter infantry armed with spears and shields transferable to the proximal division I, II or III in the front to launch close combat. Especially lethal to Equites with 180% damage boost.


Hastati (singular: Hastatus) were a class of infantry in the armies of the early Roman Republic who originally fought as spearmen, and later as swordsmen. They were originally some of the poorest men in the legion, and could afford only modest equipment—light armour and a large shield, in their service as the lighter infantry of the legion. Later, the hastati contained the younger men rather than just the poorer, though most men of their age were relatively poor. Their usual position was the first battle line. They fought in a quincunx formation, supported by light troops.

Cost Edit

Resource requirements for Hastatus

Crops Crops 150
Lumber Lumber 500
Sesterces Sesterces 18

Stone Stone

Iron Iron 100
Population Population 1
Time Training time 50 secs
Prestige Prestige 1,5

You also need Barracks in order to train Hastatus



HP Hp Crops Crops intake Offence Offence Tempo Tempo Defence Defence Load Load Damage Damage Soldier PopulationSoldier Population
60 4 8 300 8 40 3~6 1

Technique Edit


Ambush resistance

A Hastatus can disarm Equites Ambush Assault, effectively protecting distal division in the rear,,

Advice on use.Edit

Because Hastatus is your very first unit you'd better train those as your primary army until you get a reliadable amount of Principes or Equites

Due Hastatus cheapness they are ideal to farm inactive players cities. Many thinks that Hastatus is overwhelming agaist Equites because their damage boost but this isn't

true: Hastatus has low stats and its damage boost isnt actually that powerful, hastatus can only win a group of Equites if you have overwhelm mass of them. Hastatus can be compared to meatshield but they also have another good skill: They have a high load and thats why you should take at least few Hastatus with your army when you are going to Maraud other players cities

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